Suggestion for use of un-welded stretched expanded metal grating for walkway purpose for your upcoming project.

If it’s expanded metals it’s asm

▸Estd. In 1962

▸An ISO-9001-2018 Co.

▸Plant & Machinery from Germany.

▸58 years of experience in the field of Expanded Metal.

▸In-house technical & qualified team.

▸Design & Panel Sizes can be customised as per requirement.

Process of Manufacturing Expanded Metal

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  • Safer & Serrated Non-Skid Surface
  • Light Weight yet Strong, made with our Joints or Welds
  • High Load Capacity with Minimum Deflection
  • Maintenance Free Open Design
  • Fast & Easy to Install
  • Reduces requirement of Structural Steel

In case side & middle support for platform not available the we can supply pre-fabricated panels also.

▸Welded in Angle Frame of either 35mm x 35mm x 5mm or 25mm x 25mm or 4mm or any other size as required.
▸Additional support strips welded across the frames to increase Load Bearingness.
▸Overall weight still lighter than welded gratings & load bearing capacity is almost the same.
▸Can be Hot Dip Galvanised or Coated with Red Oxide or supplied in Mill Finish.
▸Framing may not be required if side & middle platform structure already fabricated thereby further saving in steel.

This is custom heading Images of Pre-Fabricated Grating Panels

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