Asian Streck Metals was founded with highly knowledgeable, responsible &dedicated team. From the very beginning, we focused on the dynamic development. Thegoal still remains. We are the company chasing new challenges. Constantly arelooking for the best solutions and new technologies helpful in creating new designingfor exterior and interior products (Expanded metal mesh) for Residential,Commercial & Industrial buildings.

All our products are highly acknowledged for their reliability, high durability, safetyand moreimportant, is elegant look and many more features. All our products aredesigned as per international standards and the specification provided by our clients.

Expanded Metal Applications:

Architectural fencing

Windows, door & skylight guards

Interior design

Professional Handyman

Drive & sidewalk gates

Interior partitions & barriers

Light Diffusers

Playground Equipment




Ceiling panels

Walkways, mezzanines & stairways


Ceiling and wall lighting



Features And Benefits

The Expanded Metal is formed from a single piece of metal sheet without wastage:

Expanded Metal products are produced from solid sheets of Aluminium, MS, SS, Copper, Brass, Titanium &Polycarbonate. In this process the sheet is simultaneously slit and stretched, expanding the slits into diamond &other shaped holes of uniform size, shape, regularity & giving perfect geometrical shape. No Wastage is produced inthis process. This provides cost savings, especially compared to other metal processing methods. There is nothingto work loose, no fretting strands or strained joins or welds which makes expanded metals ideal for forming andbeneficial to further processing such as pressing and shearing. The strength of mesh makes it valuable for use in

multiple components.
Higher strength-to-weight ratio than sheet metal:

Higher strength-to-weight ratio is the major advantage of the expanded metals providing strongerper kilogram andlighter per metre than the original sheet.

Practical and effective Screening:
Taking a sample of mesh and looking through at various angles best illustrates the visual propertiesof expandedmetal meshes. Wide strand meshes are used in architectural solar screens on the exterior of buildings andthroughout interiors for decorative grilles.

Anti-Slip Surface:

The uncut knuckles of the expanded mesh withstand stress better than welds or joints and alsogive sound gripunderfoot, particularly when used in staircase, ramps and walkways. Some patterns have a type of mesh withspecial qualities that not only make the surface non-skid, but also give the expanded metal water and wind repellentqualities.

Can be Deep Drawn:
Expanded Metals can easily be bent, cut, folded, rolled & deep drawn as per the required works asshown in thepictures below. They allow more air through them unlike metals sheets. With varieties of expanding metals, theylook more attractive.


Expanded metal can be weldable using MIG, ARC, GAS etc.

Expanded metals can be cut in either in shearing or plasma cutting for various shapes and sizes fordifferentapplications.

Expanded metals also had unique feature is that rollable for easy to transport and also use in theroll form for somearchitectural design applications.

Expanded metals can fold in any form, any size, for various applications in architectural designs.

Environmentally sustainable with a high wind:
These are cost effective, Environmentally sustainable with a high wind load capacity.

Architectural Facades
Our architectural meshes give contemporary design freedomand are highly versatile for combining throughout interiorand exterior architectural projects. As a long establishedcompany, our expertise and experience in architecture &construction means that our mesh has been incorporatedintomany historical landmark buildings in addition to recentprestigious projects. Meshes can be combined to createstriking visual effects.

We understand that each architectural project is unique in itsdemands and scope. Our dedicated knowledgeablespecification we will ensure that you get the information andguidance required to create the effect you desire.

False Ceiling
Today, it is difficult to imagine offices and commercialpremises without suspended ceilings.The productionprocess of expanded metal endows the expanded metalceiling with a special character which offers, according to thecustomer’s requirements, a free or restricted view into theroofcavity. A further advantage is the possibility to optimallyilluminate the space under the expanded metal ceilingthrough, for example, the deflection of artificial or naturallight. Interesting variations in light design can be generatedwhen the lights are installed above the lattice construction.The diverse surface structures of our inexhaustible spectrumof mesh variations enable the creation of an unusualambience. Whether rhombus or square mesh, open or closedsystem, our widespectrum bestows an individualappearance upon your premises.

Interior Designs: Commercial & Residential
It is important forcommercial and residentialpremises to opticallycommunicate its image. The secret lies in the ability tocreate fittings and fixtures which largely merge with thebackground. At the same time, the equipment needs to besufficiently robust to withstand constant heavy strain. Thecross-industrial and residential trend is towards transparency and lightness.Expanded metal is therefore the idealchoice for modern architectural systems.

Balcony & Window Guards
are reliable maintenance free protection against vandalism,forced entry, and accidental breakage. These guards protectyour windows and buildings, providing fall protection forchildren. Perfect for areas next to playgrounds, ballfields, lowroof setbacks and ground floor windows. Allows full windowoperation with optimal airflow for areas with restrictions forsmall children.

This mesh gives security a new character. The closeapproximation of the mesh openings prevents the use ofpowerful cutting tools. The high number of nodesnecessitates more than three times the number of cuts, whencompared to the aforementioned standard mesh, in order toachieve a hole of the same size. This mesh has been tested bydiverse judicial authorities and received praise for itsoptimal penetration protection.
Fencing Design: Choose between open, transparent mesh forfences which allow a view of the premises, or closed mesh toensure discretion.
The discreet design of the mesh protects you from inquisitive“guests” but nevertheless offerssufficient transparency toprevent having the appearance of a closed wall. Large andsmall meshopenings are available. The stable metalconstruction additionally offers high resistance againststorm and vandalism.

Sun Screen & Wind Protection Lattices
We have devised a sun protection system with slatsmade from expanded metal which facilitated a multipleusage: daylight economy, thermal insulation, sunprotection and, last but not least, anunmistakeableappearance.
The myriad of individual domes which are createdduring the expansion of the metal function asinnumerable sun protection slats. At close range theindividual slats appear transparent in all directions:from the outside to the inside and from the inside to theoutside.
Wind protection slats not only caters to fulfil thestrictest safety requirements regarding the protectionof people, vehicles and buildings against jet stream, butalso prevents damage to aeroplanes caused by thereverse circulation of jet stream.
The wind protection lattices are custom-made inaccordance with the individual requirements of theairport.The combination of reliable protection andtransparency is a particularly strong argument in favourof ASM’s (Asian Streck Metals) expanded metals for this application.
Reinforcement for Non-Structural Applications
Expanded metal is a length of expanded steel mesh with continuity ofsteel throughout. Has no joints, welds or interweavingto fail under stress. Once mortared into brickwork the diamondshapedmeshes are anchored immovably so that the reinforcementcannot slip under tension.
Advantages and benefits of light expanded metal mesh:
Expanded metal plastering mesh is the perfect combination ofqualities such as strength and flexibility and low weight.Compared to welded mesh and woven mesh, it is the structural
integrity – no stitches and welds, which greatly simplifies the work withthe product during installation and transportation.
Can be cut into any shape, while maintaining its strength.
Due to its plasticity, it is convenient for mounting on curved and angledsurfaces.
Can be used in plastering and tiling works on virtually any surface:concrete, brick, plaster, wood.
Has maximum grip and is easy to open, easy to handle and use.
Unlike plastic and fiberglass mesh, expanded metal sheet has absoluteresistance to combustion, and greater durability and resistance toharsh environments and water.
When plastering walls, it is used to keep the surface from crackingarising from temperature extremes and humidity fluctuations.
Expanded metal mesh used in construction as areinforcing element for plastering and finishing works, as well as thereinforcement reinforcing floors, ceilings and pavements. It protects
wall against cracks and fissures due to changes in temperature andhumidity, and mechanical stress. The expanded plastering meshincreases the mechanical strength of the reinforced surface, includingimpact resistance. Installation and operation are very simple.
Angle bead/High ribbed formwork/Rib Lath/galvanized formworkmesh/Angle Bead/Block Reinforcement Mesh(Coil Mesh)Specifications
Thickness 0.3-0.6mm Edge width 45-70mm 1m-3m
Expandedmetal lath hot galvanized steel Standard angle bead (cornerbead)have a smooth round nose bead with diamond mesh wings forthe keying of plaster right up to the nose of the bead.On the outside isthe finished edge which is where one side of your drywall knife runs onwhen you are applying drywall mud. The two flanges sit flat on yourraw drywall. The diamond decoration along the length of the flange actas a keyway for holding the drywall mud to the drywall and the corner.
This mesh insures a perfect bond and provides effective reinforcementwhere most needed.
Straight edge nose is easy to install and permits plumb straight outsidecorners. Excellent protection for corridor corners exposed totraffic.Standard Angle Bead provides straight corners for the wallswhen used over irregular surfaces.
Standard angle bead is used to effectively terminate plaster edge in astraight line at doors,windows and other openings, also used whenplaster meets dissimilar material.
How to order expanded metal
When ordering Expanded Metals, give complete profilespecifications to avoid possible error.
When ordering please state:
1) Metal reference
2) Quantity of Sheets
3) Sheet Size (SW dimensions first see diagram)
4) Type of material e.g. steel, aluminium, etc.
5) Finish, e.g. untreated or galvanized
6) Tolerances (if required)
7) Where applicable specify raised or flat
LONG WAY MESH (LWM): The distance from a point on a knuckleto a corresponding point on the following knuckle measuredacross the long way of the diamond shaped hole. This distance isalso sometime referred to as “Pitch” LWM.

SHORT WAY MESH (SWM): The distance from a point on aknuckle to a corresponding point on the following knucklemeasured across the short way of the diamond shaped hole. Thisdistance is also sometime referred to as “Pitch” SWM.
LONG WAY OPENING (LWO): Long Way of opening, the distancemeasured from the inside of the knuckle across to the inside ofthe knuckle LWO.
SHORT WAY OPENING (SWO): Short Way of opening, the distance measured from the inside of the knuckle across to the inside of the knuckle (SWO).
KNUCKLE: The intersection of two strands and it is always thewidth of two strands.
OVERALL THICKNESS: The actual measurement of the thickness ofthe mesh measured at the knuckle. (Dimension ‘A’)
OPEN AREA: The percentage of open area given is approximate. Formeshes of the conventional type with strands inclined from theplane of the sheet.
GUILLOTINING: A process carried out after expanding to cutexpanded sheets exactly to size (within the guillotining tolerance).Shearing may leave ‘Stags’ on a mesh.
STAG ENDS: Incomplete strands existing beyond the joints of amesh either LWM, SWM or both.

GALVANISING: Hot dipped galvanizing carried out to IS specifications. Distortion and windowing effect can occur tosmall steel range through to A,W,E, & LV Sunscreen ranges.Windowing effect is particularly prevalent on flattened meshes.


M – Mild Steel 
S – Stainless Steel  
A – Aluminium   


R – Raised
F – Flattened


G – Galvanised
U – Untreated
M – Mill Finish
P – Painted
PC – Powder Coated









The ‘Dragon scale’ profile (above), is an elegant example of what can be achieved when we work closely with the designer inAorder to come up with something beautiful and functional. Dragon scale achieves a textural facade with a high open area, while still restricting vision. The privacy of inhabitants is ensured as the light is reflected upward.

(Any type of weathering steel, a steel alloy which does not require painting and acquires a stable, rust-like appearance over time).

300X300 IMAGE 5
IMAGE 6 300X300
IMAGE 7 300X300

We are always looking to expand our product offering to match the creative vision of the designer wework with. Above is our standard Sunshine expanded mesh, manufactured in 3mm Corten, an example of the flexibility of our local manufacturing capability. Utilise an existing profile, but select a different aterial, or create a unique profile to represent your project, we seek to cultivate your creativity.
23ATERIAL:                              Aluminium / Galvabond / Steel
WEIGHT:                                  3.6 (Kg/m2)(Aluminium)/10.5 (Kg/m2)(Steel)
NOMINAL SIZE OF MESH:         LWM 120 x SWM 34
OPEN AREA:                             35%
THICKNESS:                             1.6/2.0MM
STOCK STATUS:                      Custom Made
From intolerable sun glare to tolerable temperatures protecting the structure
From the finest mesh of interior to the robust facade of outdoors STRETCHMET has emerged as a go to product for Architects, Industries and Interior Designers

Aluminium Composite Panels have played havoc over years with architectural aesthetics and is the reason why buildings are choking to death with no open surface wall to allow breathing, bear the heat, cold and monsoon rains for its stability.
With Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) covering, your building might look modern, “aesthetic” and boast of superior exterior or interior surface finishing. But what about the walls behind it? Just to save on painting them, ACPs actually smother the walls… making it vulnerable to pests, fungi, dampness, brittleness etc.
Specified for many iconic buildings around the world, Expanded Metal Façade Mesh/Sunscreen Mesh has become a critical tool for the Architects and Designers, not only practical but eye-catching and kinder on environment, too.
The structure of Expanded Metal Façade Mesh/Sunscreen Mesh aides the disruption of sound waves, deadening noise and reduction of echo. These practical features of the material in conjunction with its already proven architectural features make it perfect for both decorative ceiling tiles and acoustic panels and are chosen by designers and architects for their beauty and striking appearance.
As global warming continues to stay, so the resultant air-conditioning units put additional pressure and demand of electricity consumption. With a need to stop this, Expanded Metal Façade Mesh/Sunscreen Mesh offers an excellent solution to the problem, by reducing solar gain through blocking the sun’s rays as it moves through the day and combat the temperature as the light is allowed through in one direction but not the other. Added to this, it also gives an attractive, decorative and acoustic look as the mesh acts as cladding to the exterior walls but it also serves as a sun screen over the windows and create striking visual effects and appearances.
In terms of sheer visual impact, Expanded Metal cladding systems are hard to beat. Combining the best of modern metallic materials, unique patterns and a range of finishes with practical solar and decorative properties, such system allows architects to ensure any new building stays at the very cutting edge of modern building materials technology.
In terms of refurbishment, dull, grey, concrete surfaces can be cladded to review buildings and send them hurtling into the 21st century.
Expanded Metal Façade Mesh/Sunscreen Mesh can be supplied in mild steel, galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass sheets as per specific requirements and in wide range of openings and thickness. It can be powder coated and painted in various colours.
* Innovative and decorative pattern
* Aesthetic appeal
* Prevents glare of sun
* Reduces solar gain by blocking sun rays
* Allows passage of air
* Reduces noise
* Attractive look
* Resistance to high wind load
* Semi transparent
* Acts as cladding to exterior walls
* Lightweight and cost effective
* Easy to handle and install
* Flexible – could be bent or curved
* Can be powder coated or painted
*  Versatile
* Unique design and appearance
* Style and functionality
*  Variety of openings and sizes
* Cladding to exterior walls
* Building façade
* External and internal ceilings
* Decorative and acoustic panels
* Sunscreen over windows
and door frames
* Signage and advertising
* Partition walls
* Staircase railings
* Guard railings
* Curtain walls and screens
* Interior design features
* Balustrade panels
* Privacy screens

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