Because “It’s that really cool building down the road” sounds so much better than “It’s the building on the MG Main Road”

When it comes to structures, we help you redefine cool. If you’re trying to keep cool the people inside, our expanded metal façade is not only ideal for shade, it can provide one-way vision. If you want your structure to look cool, our expanded metal mesh is perfect for custom designs or an attention-getting moray effect. And if that’s not enough, our metal products can also be used for balustrade infill panels, ceiling coverings, fencing and screening. Pretty cool, huh? Learn more about our expanded metal products.Asian Streck Metals serves the architectural, construction, engineering and energy industries with a wide variety of expanded metal products, wire mesh and curtains, industrial flooring products and systems, screening media and pathways.

Expanded Metal Mesh Facades

Since 1961 Asian Streck Metals has been an industry provider of perforated and expanded metal mesh and curtains. While initially we serviced the industrial sector, the architectural market has grown into one of our key areas of operation. We’ve developed our specialised range of metal products to meet the needs of architects designing facades, balustrades and weather screens, as well as interiors and specialised features.

It’s not just our range of products that we supply, however. As specialists in creating unique metal design solutions, we are always pushing the envelope. Not merely in terms of getting new and improved products to market, but also in our ability to create custom solutions. While our products are hugely flexible in how they can be customised to highlight and enhance existing design features – we also pride ourselves on our ability to produce one-off items.

Design & Innovation

We understand the architect’s drive to create something new and unique, and that’s why Asian Streck Metals isn’t about pushing established solutions. We look to open a dialogue with the designers and architects we work with to understand the nature of each project and their specific requirements.

Together we decide the best ways our products can be used and tailored to bring out the best qualities of every design. If we don’t have the right product, we can create it for you. Working towards a shared goal of excellence means we are not afraid to do things that haven’t been done or to explore out of the box solutions.

This is not to say that all innovation at Asian Streck Metals is pushed by our clients. Our experienced team follow new trends and technologies with a keen eye. In this respect, our range is in a state of constant development. What can we develop to meet new design styles? How can we make use of new technologies? These are the questions we ask ourselves to stay ahead of the curve and push the boundaries of what’s possible for our clients.

Expertise & Quality

Asian Streck Metals has a large team consisting of experienced professionals across multiple disciplines. From designers and architects to engineers and specialist machinists, we have the full suite of experts in house, working together to create the finest products. This means we can ensure that our designs work aesthetically and functionally, and that producing them is physically possible.

We’ve been producing perforated and expanded metal products for a long time – over 60 years – and this experience has shaped Asian Streck Metals into the industry leader it is today. With decades more experience than our competitors, we’ve refined our operations to efficiently service the architectural industry. While we work with other industries, we pride ourselves on being true experts in our field.

We’re dedicated to quality and we have extremely high standards. If a single product doesn’t meet those standards then we are not prepared to release it. We’ve built a strong name over our long history, and that name guarantees quality. All of our manufacturers are ISO accredited and that’s why our products are exceptional, every time.

Our Range

Curtains – Our bespoke interconnected wire mesh curtains are ideal for internal and external screening, chic facades and space delineation. Curtains are available in stainless steel, brass and aluminium and can be fit in a number of ways to suit unlimited applications.

Expanded – Asian Streck Metals’ expanded metal mesh has a three dimensional texture and is hugely popular as sun shading that maintains airflow. Our expanded mesh can be installed in a number of interesting ways to provide a facade that is as intricate or as simple as the design calls for.

Stretchmet – These aluminium louvres and grates are bright and colourful and have a huge amount of visual appeal. Available in any colour and virtually any size specification, the Stretchmet range is ideal for sun shading and privacy screens. The colours make a fantastic impression and can bring something to any design.

While these are our most popular products, this is not our everything we can do. If an architect is looking for something outside of our range, we want to know about it. We have the experience to produce world-class custom metal products for use in any architectural application. To make your vision a reality, contact us today.

Asian Streck Metals was founded with highly knowledgeable, responsible & dedicated team. From the very beginning, we focused on the dynamic development. The goal still remains. We are the company chasing new challenges. Constantly are looking for the best solutions and new technologies helpful in creating new designing for exterior and interior products (Expanded metal mesh) for Residential, Commercial & Industrial buildings.


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