Benefits of metal mesh explained

Expanded metal mesh has the reputation for being versatile, economical and incredibly durable, which is why more and more industries are recognising its value for a multitude of applications. Expanded Metal is currently working on a variety of new product development partnerships with Design Engineers and major manufacturers across engineering, architectural and construction industries. Although expanded metal mesh has been in existence for decades, the benefits of this versatile and under-utilised material have remained largely unrecognised, therefore Asian Streck Metals has compiled a list of the little-known facts about metal mesh to assist the Design Engineer.

1 High Strength to Weight Ratio 
Independent research confirms that expanded metal mesh can be stronger than the equivalent solid metal.

2 Excellent Conductivity 
Combined with low resistance, expanded metal is an excellent conductor of electricity, magnetic flux and thermal heat. Expanded metal is used extensively in fuel cells and battery packs utilising titanium, copper and nickel meshes.

3 Increased Area
Expanding mesh can stretch metal up to 30 times without breaking. For example, one metre square of metal can be expanded into a sheet measuring 10, 20 or 30 metres long, continuing to be a sheet without joins or welds. This cost-effective method for reinforcing, screening and covering and is used extensively in filtration applications.

4 Sustainable Production
Production processes of expanding metal combine traditional methods with the latest technology to minimise waste metal. Recycled materials are used in addition and the end product is recyclable along with any waste.

5 Composite
Expanded mesh gives an outstanding key for adhesion and coatings, strength for reinforcement and shaping capabilities, which made it the ideal candidate for use in nuclear fuel pod protectors. Expanded mesh can be combined easily with other materials to contribute to a finished component.

6 Light fantastic 
Used in motorway antiglare panels and architectural solar screens and facades, the textured angles of expanded metal can be used to control lighting, either reflecting, diffusing or absorbing natural and artificial light.

7 All malleable metals expanded
As standard, steel, aluminium, brass and copper for stock items can be used. More bespoke items are expanded from titanium, nickel, platinum and gold. Basically, any malleable metal can be expanded in addition to some plastics, papers, fabrics and foils.

8 Extensive product range
Expanded metal can be made into numerous shapes: diamonds, hexagons, square, slated, oval, circular. Varying from 0.3mm gauze mesh material to 6mm heavy duty walkways and with open areas from under 10% to over 90%, the product combinations and possibilities are infinite. With over 6,000 meshes at present and nearly 60 years’ experience, we at Asian Streck Metals are pushing the boundaries more than ever.

9 New product development partnerships
The Expanded Metal Company has extensive experience within the engineering and construction market, working closely with OEM design engineers and manufacturers to prototype, model and develop finished products.

10 Flexibility
Expanded metal is a very workable versatile material which can be pressed, formed, shaped, framed, welded or corrugated. Our dedicated Value Added Department can assist with component manufacture.


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